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Assisting each other in mating

You'd better put some stones in your pockets if you don't want to be blown away. The steppes here are endless, harsh, and empty. It can be bitterly cold and scorching hot, stormy and windless, drizzling, sunny, and foggy – all within a 24-hour span. Yet, there is a mythical allure to this region – we are talking about …

Not every glacier is shrinking

It must be a desert-like landscape down there, intersected by dry riverbeds. That's at least the impression we get whenever the clouds reveal a glimpse of the land. Then, in the distance, Lake Argentino appears, with an area of 1,600 km² the largest body of water in Argentina. An uninterrupted chain of white Andean peaks fills the western horizon. It will be a less comfortable …


Towers of granite, skies of azure

We have covered more than two hundred kilometres on RN40 since we left El Calafate this morning. It was a relatively dull route, over gently rolling terrain through the barren steppe. There wasn't much to experience along the way. Occasionally, a handful of rheas or a group of guanacos caught our attention.
This is slowly changing now. It's …

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