About Pacomaja

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Pacomaja is a non-commercial website offering travellogues, travel stories and photo reports from all over the world. We want to share with our readers the endless and fascinating diversity of people and living things, landscapes and artefacts, cultures and religions, customs and rituals, sounds and emotions, smells and tastes, colours and contrasts from all over the world.

The more we learn about this world, the more humble and respectful it makes us, and the more hopeful and optimistic at the same time. We sincerely hope this kaleidoscope of experiences will invoke in our readers the same enthusiasm as it has done to us.

How to select a compelling story? Just click a pictogram on one of the world maps. Or select a tile in one of the alphabetical lists with destinations all over the world. Or be surprised by what’s behind the tiles of the enigmatic kaleidoscope. What’s more, once you’re reading, you have satellite images of all locations at your fingertips – just click the hyperlinks in the text.

Pacomaja has no commercial involvements. You can enjoy an ad-free experience, as we don’t show any advertisements or commercial links. We respect your privacy in accordance with the European General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). We do not gather a single bit of personal information from our visitors and surely do not convey their data to third parties.

Feel free to stream or download our e-books without any cost or obligation as far as personal or educational use is intended. However, commercial use of our e-books, texts or photos, or any other form of dissemination to the public is not allowed.

Texts and photos: Jaak Palmans
Cartography and website: Jacques Denies
Image scanning: Marleen Coenen
Contact: info@pacomaja.be